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Scalable and interprocedural code analyzer for detecting memory safety issues such as null pointer derefs and resource leaks


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: InferSharp
  uses: microsoft/[email protected]
Learn more about this action in microsoft/infersharpaction
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Infer# GitHub Action

Infer# is an interprocedural and scalable static code analyzer for C#. Via the capabilities of Facebook's Infer, this tool detects null pointer dereferences and resource leak. Its source code can be found here.

Sample Report


- name: Run Infer#      
  uses: microsoft/[email protected]
  id: runinfersharp
    binary-path: '<path to the binary directory containing .dlls and .pdbs>'
- name: Infer# analysis results
  run: echo "${{ steps.runinfersharp.outputs.results }}"



Required Path to the binary directory containing .dlls and .pdbs.


  • GitHub does not currently support Linux containers hosted on Windows; your CI pipeline must run on Linux. If it doesn't, you may still apply the analyzer by creating a dependent workflow which transports the binaries to a Linux host on which to run the analysis.

  • If the project is too large, the analysis may time out.

  • The analyzer may report warnings outside of your own code. This is because it runs on all input .pdbs, including those belonging to third-party library references. To prevent this, isolate the desired binaries in the input binary-path directory.


  • Please see here for troubleshooting tips.


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