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Ruby is a scripting language designed for simplified object-oriented programming.
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May 26, 2021 • Online

Senior Data Scientist Derek Jedamski @DJedamski will answer questions and share insights about the State of the Octoverse report from build to execution.
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Allow authors of pull requests to set status to pending while still working on it.

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KevinClair commented Dec 10, 2020

Feature Request

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe

Is it nessary to support RocketMQ
  • Two ways to user it.
    • As a way to data sync from admin to bootstrap.
    • As a plugin to send mq message by request from bootstrap.

Describe the solution you'd like

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A-CiKe commented Jan 8, 2020

Issue Description

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When Dubbo is registered, it is registered according to the interface. If you want to logoff all interfaces provided by a service. It's too painful to search for only one interface, then enter the details, and then go offline. If you can provide a qu

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LitileXueZha commented May 6, 2021

由于不想 docker 要配的 n 多环境变量,然后找到了个佛系同步大佬仓库的 repo,在本地跑完一遍并修改了些脚本后,打包到了腾讯云服务器上,然而撸好 cron 任务一天后,,,

发现 crazy_joy_coin 任务卡住了,一直没有新的日志,手动重启好几次后,又发现 某个脚本执行到第二个账号后,也卡住了!


  1. 云服务配置。1vCore 2G 1Mbps,网络一切正常
  2. 脚本。内存和 CPU 占用并不高,,也没有异常日志

只是单纯地卡住了 🤔 貌似根结还是在 http request 这块,不死心地我 ping 了下接口:

$ ping
Cloud 66 for Rails  screenshot
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Cloud 66 for Rails

Cloud 66 for Rails allows you to build, manage and maintain your Rails applications that can be deployed to any cloud provider or to your own server. Cloud 66 for Rails helps you scale your database with master-slave replication, without having to make any configuration changes. You can add back-ups, load balancers and de-commission servers with a single click. Popular Rails and Rack frameworks available.