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Tools that support free, time-limited, access to their service.

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By POEditor

Manage your software localization collaboratively



Policy enforcement solution for confident and compliant code


By BackHub

Reliable GitHub repository backup, set up in minutes

Layer CI

By Layer Devops Inc.

A staging server replacement and CI/CD tool for full-stack apps


Restyle Pull Requests as they're opened


By Codetree

Lightweight project management for GitHub issues

Cloudback Backup

By Cloudback

Backups your GitHub repositories, fast and secure


By AccessLint

Find accessibility issues in your pull requests


By Mergify

Pull requests automation service. Merge your pull requests faster

Meercode | CI Monitoring

By Meercode

Meercode is the ultimate monitoring dashboard for your CI/CD builds

Review Notebook App

By ReviewNB

Code Review and Collaboration for Jupyter Notebooks

Check Run Reporter

By Check Run Reporter

See your test and style results without leaving GitHub. Works with any CI service. Supports JUnit, Checkstyle, and more


By Commit Check

CommitCheck ensures your commit messages are consistent and contain all required information


By Workshop 64

Automatically detect, track, and rank flaky tests so you can regain trust in your test suite

Create Issue Branch

By Create Issue Branch

Bot that creates an issue branch after assigning an issue


By Sider

Automatically analyze pull request against custom per-project rulesets and best practices

Spell Check Code & Pull Requests

By Typo CI

Spell check your code and catch spelling mistakes before merging

Travis CI

By Travis CI

Test and deploy with confidence

Moesif API Insights

By Moesif

Understand API usage and take action with user-centric API observability


By ZenHub

Agile Task Boards, Epics, Estimates and Reports, all within GitHub's UI


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