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Knative Service Manager

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Knative Service Manager

Create and manage Knative Services


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Knative Service Manager
  uses: redhat-actions/[email protected]
Learn more about this action in redhat-actions/kn-service-manager
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Knative Service Manager

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kn-service-manager is a GitHub Action to manage Knative Services on a Kubernetes cluster, using the Knative Client.


A Kubernetes Cluster with Knative installed. On OpenShift, this is usually provided through the Red Hat OpenShift Serverless operator. To try an OpenShift cluster, visit

Action Inputs

Input Description Default
service_name The name of the Knative service to create or manage. Required
command The command to pass to kn. Commands are create, update, apply, and delete. create
container_image The container image to deploy. Required unless command is delete. None
force_create If command is create, append the --force argument. false
kn_extra_args Any extra arguments to append to the kn <command> call. Refer to Passing extra service arguments. None
namespace Kubernetes namespace to target. Current context
registry_user The user to authenticate as to pull the container_image. Required if the image is private. None
registry_pasword The registry_user's password or token. Required if the image is private. None

Note: When a username and a token or password are provided to pull the image, the action will create a Kubernetes docker-registry secret with the provided credentials. The secret's docker-server value will be the domain of the container_image input.

Action Outputs

Output Description
service_url URL to the Knative service that was created or updated. Empty if command input is delete.


The example below shows how the kn-service-manager action can be used to deploy a Knative service to Kubernetes.

You must be logged into your Kubernetes cluster before running this action. If you are using OpenShift, use oc-login.

- name: Create Knative Service
  uses: redhat-actions/[email protected]
    service_name: getting-started-knative
    container_image: ${{ env.IMAGE_NAME }}

For a complete example see the example workflow.

Passing extra service arguments

This action provides basic options such as namespace, service name, image and the command to run. There might be cases where you might want to pass extra arguments to the kn service <command>. In those cases you can use kn_extra_args.

For example, if you want to add --min-scale=1 and--max-scale=5, then your action snippet will be:

- name: Create Knative Service
  uses: redhat-actions/[email protected]
    service_name: getting-started-knative
    container_image: "${{ steps.push-to-quay.outputs.registry-path }}"
    kn_extra_args: >