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ralfbiedert commented Jun 8, 2020

Bug Report


Zola version: 0.11.0

Current Behavior

Hi, when running the link checker on my site zola reports spurious network errors, although opening the same site in Firefox works fine. As a subsequent error, if I try to re-run the checker I then sometimes get blocked by other hosts.

For example, first run:

D:\Development\Source\>bash ./deplo
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wycats commented Feb 8, 2021

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Today, we make it very easy to get the binaries onto a Mac machine, but the same is not true about Linux. Instead, the Linux instructions ask the user to manually download the binaries from release and put them in an appropriate location. Speaking for myself, this is an annoying, somewhat error-prone process, and it tends to cau

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fauxpark commented Oct 29, 2020
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☒ keyboards/bpiphany/pegasushoof/2015/2015.h: LAYOUT_tkl_ansi: Nested layout macro detected. Matrix data not available!
☒ keyboards/bpiphany/pegas
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